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Monday, June 9, 2014

High water of June

In Indiana it seems like June brings storms, rain, and wind. A few years ago a big storm came thru in early June and with it floods. My old makeshift atv bridge washed away. Last June a big wind storm rolled thru at night and blew several trees down on my property. A few of which were likely over 100 years old. With that a massive oak fell onto my newly constructed bridge causing alot of truss damage. This June came 2+ inches of rain saturday night. No damage this time, but the waters came up to give my new dam under construction a good test.

                                                       This is with the flood gate open.

                                             Water is flowing very good down the canal.

                            This is near the lower end of the canal.
                      Where I am wanting to install the water wheel.
         This temporary wood dam will be replaced with a concrete one.

  There is about 2 1/2 feet of head at this point. Not alot, but with the water flow it should work out.

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