Wildcat Creek Brick Company

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More salt glazing practice.

Here I am again firing some clay pots and tiles. Some pots are refired to try to put glaze on the sides that didnt get any last time. I think I may have gotten the kiln a bit hotter this time from the color of the glow. Took me about 8 hrs because of the cool wind early on. I also used alot more salt at the end this time.

I had a few tiles and one vase from the last firing that had really good glaze coverage this time. The rest will need to go back in again to get glazed fully. My crummy kiln is probably the main cause of the partial glazing.

Here are some results to share with all of you!

I wonder why red clay turns almost black when salt glazed. Is it the heat or carbon from reduction firing.

The tile warped because I had it leaning against a brick.

Here are the pots that didnt get a full glaze effect from the salt.
They will have to go back in for a second try. I will place them in different locations of the kiln to even the glaze out. The back of the chamber seems to get the best glazing effect. Must be the way the gasses are flowing to the chimney flue.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My first try at salt glazing. Very cool!

I fired a few quickly made pieces of red clay pottery and tiles. It took about 7 hours total to fire. Let it cool down overnight and the next day, then unloaded it. Over the last hour of firing, I added about 20 lbs of rocksalt to the firebox while stoking the fire. About 2 cupfulls at a time. This is how it turned out! I will have to consider placement of the pots and tiles next time.
I am wondering if I could place the same pottery back in again facing the other side to complete the glaze. I will let you know if it works out.