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Sunday, April 12, 2009

First fireup test! April 12, 09

Even though the chimney isn't to its finished height yet, I was excited to try out the furnace to see how it may do with a small fire in it. Would the flue and chimney draw smoke? Very well was my observation! I found it to do very well. It may have had trouble though if it had been a windy day with the low chimney height it has now. I will fix that soon.

It feels really good to see it in action!

I made a small fire this time so not to crack any bricks. Just wanted to drive out the left over moisture in them and the mortar joints. Did see some steam coming out of a few places. Not to much though. Some of this brickwork had been drying out for a few months now.

Once the fire was hotter it drew through the flue great! Not to much smoke in the shed.

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  1. Love the diamond shape brick work.


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