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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first brick kilns video

Here is a short video record of my brick and pottery kilns.


  1. Hi Richard,
    Really enjoyed the video, nice combining the still images with the movie parts too. Wow, that volcano of yours is fantastic, it really looks like you are developing some heat in there! (Very impressive flame out the top). It is so good to see your experiments with kiln building. Refreshing in fact, as you are inventing, experimenting, and finding solutions to problems in your way, rather than just following a plan, and this adds to the pool of knowledge. Hopefully it will encourage others to have a go too, and to dare to do something with whatever materials they have available. Great to see young people stoking the kiln!

  2. Thank you for the praise Peter. Making kilns with whatever ive got is all I can afford to do. Thats kinda how you made some of your earlier kilns too isn't it? :) Im learning as I go. Your blog has alot to offer to others too.


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