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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bottle kiln, firing #2, better but not good

I kept the top temp of the firing down to around 1850'F at the pryometer. But the center of the chamber still got much hotter than that! Gonna have to rethink the kiln and firing cycle some.
Improved results over first firing of the new bottle kiln, but along way from good results.
Can you tell which brick is wood fired and which one is electric fired? Both were fired to 1850'F.


  1. Which one's came out the best? Is it the electric?

  2. Yes, The electric kiln fired brick is more uniform and isnt flawed like the wood fired brick.

  3. Cool Blog! You are more scientific than me.

    I have operated a clay brick factory for over 20 years in Tanzania. It is kind of a hobby but employs 12 people. I post on my blog mostly about brick building and vaults. But lately I am more interested in the process. Might have some questions.


  4. Hi, Thanks for looking through my blog. I am no expert on brickmaking, but I like the challenge of discovery and improvement. Im working on a new and improved woodfired brick kiln for my production work. I really like your blog also. Talk to you soon I hope!


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