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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More bridge building pics.

More bridge construction photos. East bank abutment. Since these photos were taken I have backfilled the wall, poured concrete for the upstream wing, and begun foundation work on the down stream wing.

Once all of the wing work is done on this side of the creek, I will pour a concrete slab over the wall and backfill. Then its off to the west side of the stream to do this again. I am also thinking of building a center pier to increse the bridge load carring ability.

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  1. I found your website on a whim, I ama ceramicist--love what you are doing. In terms of firing, as to your woodfiring issues, if you are interested in firing more accurately, getting some pyrometric cones and measuring the outerlimits of your clay body will be helpful.. As for wood kiln design, a small train or groundhog could likely help you with consistency. The bottle/beehive design works well on a larger scale, but as you have seen, getting even temperatures is difficult on a smaller scale.... email me if you want more info on either kiln type, or just want to shoot the shit about bricks and clay.



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