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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Working on my truss bridge again.

Really I have been working on it off and on all spring into summer. But I thought to post an update on where Im at with it. There are to efforts going on at the same time, pier construction and truss fabrication.
Im in the first stages of laying out the scrap metal to see what the trusses will look like and make changes where needed. I then have to cut all the pieces to fit together and make ready for welding.

Most of my work has been on the center pier lately. Adding height to it in order to bring it level with both bank abutments. Laying courses of free salvage concrete blocks and filling in the center of the pier with rocks and rubble from the creek, I have built a solid center load bearing structure. Both the ends are made from 55 gallon barrels filled with rock and covered in concrete. Im thinking about covering the long faces of the pier with brick to match the abutments.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for all of the interesting updates that you post on your blog. I myself am a construction worker who does interior demolition.So i find and keep a lot of old bricks.and i have always been curious as to how they were made in the old days. Research on the internet led me to your blog. So i subscribed.

    I wish you luck with your projects.And look forward to reading about them

    Btw, if you ever get a chance, you might want to read two books by Raphael Samuel, "Village Life and Labour" and "Miners ,Quarrymen and Saltworkers". They both have sections on the brickfields of 9th Century England.Especially the 2nd book.
    Best regards to you
    Pete from Baltimore

  2. For what its worth.In my last comment i meant that the two books mentioned 19th Century brick making.Not 9th Century.Sorry for the typo
    Pete from Baltimore


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