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Friday, November 23, 2012

Bridge construction update for November 2012

     Here are a few photos of my recent work on the bridge across hurricane creek. I am backfilling the concrete abutment with fill dirt from the nearby hillside.
     It has been awhile since I posted any updates. Some other bridge info for you, the deck is made from pressure treated 4x6 12 ft timbers. That has been the single most expensive part of construction for me. Each board cost around $18 and there are 65 of them!
The underlying bridge beams are from trees I had cut down in the woods over the summer. Averaging 12" in diameter and over 40 ft long. They were a real handfull for three of us to drag across into place.


The old dozer is my Allis Chalmers HD5. Built sometime in the 1950s. It has served me well over the years. I hope to one day give it a much deserved restoration.


  1. That's a handsome bridge Bill. Very industrious. Will be curious to see water flowing under it in the spring.

  2. Thanks Andy. Spring is usually the high water season. If anything bad is gonna happen its most likely then. Just have to wait and see.


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