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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hello everyone!

Just set this up today. Im hoping some of you out there may find this interesting. Ive been reading on the internet and learning by trial and error ways to make my own bricks.

So far I have made mud bricks out of clay and sand. I have expirimented with some success at adding cement to them to harden them up. That way they can be more waterproof than mud alone would be. I have also tried one time to quick fire some sample bricks I made to see if they would harden up like the real bricks are. I was able to get a fire that was really hot for about twelve hours, but it didnt make them hard. Back to the drawing board there.

I found descriptions on the web for a 'brick press' that can be used to make a hard brick. I went to work using only photographs for my plans and made myself one. It work out pretty good. So I made another one, then another. It really seems to be the way to go to make a more solid brick. I am making cement hardened bricks for now. But next summer I will try again to 'fire' some of my clay bricks. Well thats it for today. I will keep you posted as I do more.

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