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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some brick pics for you

Here are a few pictures I have taken along the way on my brickmaking journey so far.

Wooden brick molds and a wheelbarrow full of clay/sand mix ready for making bricks.

Stacked mud clay bricks drying before firing.
Starting the fire early in the morning. I had my kids helping.
See the glow!
The bricks are actually glowing orange hot!
I cracked a few of the bricks during firing. The iron grating I used got red hot and sagged under the weight of all the bricks.
After firing the bricks had taken on a yellow surface haze. The insides had turned orange and red. I found out later from reading the haze is from calcium in the cement leaching to the surface during wet molding the brick. The red inside is from high temp oxidation during the firing of the iron oxides in the clay dirt I used.

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