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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing around with low fire glaze.

I bought some used glazes off of Ebay awhile back and have been trying them out to see how they effect my clays. Some glazes turn out very clear, while others add some interesting colors to the result. All of them are in the low fire range at cone 04 to 05 by the instructions on the bottles.

This platter has a nice glossy wet look.

This rough bowl ended up blue with some reds in spots. I am gonna play some more with this one.

This is a combo glaze job on the candlestick holder. Blue down the flutes and throat with a bit of red on the raised parts.

This one has some redish spots on it that the photo dosn't give justice too.

Dont know why the picture flipped like this. The little square bottle is something new im trying.

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