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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My barn construction progress update for 3/1/12

A quick photo update of my barn construction progress for 3/1/12. The first trusses are set.


  1. It is mutual. Very excited to find your blog.

  2. I think from your blog I found a link to a web site that went into in depth about chemical properties of clay and sand. does that ring a bell? I cant find where i was and forgot to bookmark it. erikrowberg at gmail.com

  3. I have a link to a very good page on clays written by a dentist but I think the link is broken now.
    Here is another link that may prove usefull to you.


    Its long to read, but had good info on bricks.

  4. Oh, here is a good one for you on brick clay chemical makeup.


  5. Found your blog today. I have been buying bricks for projects around the property for about 10 years. I have frequently thought that I would like to learn to make my own bricks. Thanks for the great information and enthusiasm.


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