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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Roof raising on my barn tower

A few weeks ago I was able to lift the roof to my barn tower.  With the assistance of my two sons Will and Dan. I am not wild about high places and came up with the solution to constructing the tower roof in place was to hoist it up with my jib crane.

Here is a series of photos that show the lifting of the tower roof.


  1. that is a fine looking barn sir, I envy your land and abilities!

  2. Hi, thanks for you article. Nice to see your blog. Keep Posting.

  3. How’s the barn doing, RWHendrix? I see you didn’t go with the traditional gambrel. But I think the roof tower made up for all the charm a gambrel might’ve brought to it. :] What animals were you raising?

  4. Thanks. So far I only have chickens ,dogs, and cats. But a horse next year I hope!

  5. Whew! Lifting that roof looked like a very tough job! I'm glad that you didn't have a hard time doing so. But I think you got to give credit to the power of pulley that eased the task. Anyway, how's it going now? I'm sure there's a lot of animals living in there today.

    Hugh @RoofXperts.com

  6. It seems that the animals are growing in number as time passes by. If you plan to have horses there, I think you’ll need a bigger space. Are you open to the possibility of extending your barn? If so, then I guess, you’ll have to go on with the same construction project again in the future. Hehe! But I think it wouldn’t be a problem, because you’re surrounded with great people who are very willing to help you! :) I wish you luck with all your plans!
    Jere Leach @ Yancey Home Improvements


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