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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Im back!

Hello everyone. Its been quite a long time since my last post here. Life is going well again for us here. 2012 was a bad year for me and my family. I had a heart attack in July and my son Daniel was killed in an auto accident three days later. 2013 was ups and downs as well. We found the long ongoing trouble for my wife Jackie was diabetes. With medication and now a surgery, she is doing much better. So my mind hadn't really been on projects alot and reporting them even less. But things have settled down and I'm back at it again! So hold on and here we go.,,

Ive added siding to my barn, still have more to do but its getting there. Pouring concrete floor in barn too. Added a yet to be completed horse stall to rear of barn. Began a hydroelectric project making use of the now dammed up water in the creek as my energy source. Made some needed repairs to my bulldozers fuel system and tracks. Bought a new to me flatbed trailer. Got my antique cement mixer working. Cut down several storm damage trees for firewood and logging timber. My bridge had severe storm damage June of 2013 that I had to repair. My son William is now in the US Army Infantry. I got a new job too.

Here are some pics, not in any particular order. More to follow soon.

 The Allis Chalmers HD5G is having a good day digging the water canal for the powerhouse.

 This is the start of my log dam for the hydroelectric plant.
 Maybe I can set up a gold sluice and look for gold also?
Firewood and fence posts on the same day.


  1. Nice to have you back.

    Sorry for your loss and all the struggle with health issues.

    Hope the sun will shine on you and your family...

  2. Great to see you up and running again. Your trouble and loss makes me stop and pause for a moment to reflect. May peace be with you and your family.


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