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Sunday, January 4, 2009

More bricks

I took the time to photograph the brick entrance building at the Frankfort, Indiana 4H fairgrounds today.

The brickwork is very much in the style I wish to build my garage in.

It looks to be very old. Im guessing sometime after the Civil War, 1860s or 70s. I noticed that the bricks themselves are larger than normal red bricks of the time usually are. That too is like what I want to do in my construction work.

I really love the archwork! Maybe I will be able to do that over my garage doors and windows.

I had some time to lay another course of bricks on the chimney too. Notice the opening for the ash cleanout door. I plan to fill the center with concrete up to the level at the base of that door.


  1. I think you must be crazy, but since I found this while looking for information on how to do exactly what you're doing, I must be crazy, too!

    Thanks very much for all the effort you've put into sharing this

  2. Found this while searching for info on wood bricks to burn in a stove. Very interesting, terrific blog.


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