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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My brick furnace plans and more examples

Here are my early plans for my aluminum melting furnace made out of my bricks.

It has the furnace inside the barn and the chimney outside with a brick duct passing thru the wall to the outside. The firbox is below and the heated chamber is above.

I found this outdoor brick oven furnace surfing the internet. It was made out of compressed earth bricks much like I am doing. It is alot of the inspiration for my version.

I really love the look of these old towering chimneys!

My chimney will be much shorter than these 100+ foot tall monsters. Im thinking at most about 20 feet tall.

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  1. Whenever I see brick ovens, I always remember my grandma. They have one that is closely similar to that one on the third photo. Nana just loves that masonry oven because, according to her, “it makes good, tasty cookies for my lovely children!” :D


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