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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green energy from my creek.

One of my many 'other' projects is this water wheel ive been building. My plan is to put it into a water chute I will build in my creek along with a dam. If I can get this to work reasonably well, it should have enough power to spin a small generator. Depends on several things how well it will function for me.
If I can build enough head pressure at my dam to move the water down the chute forcefully.
What kind of speed will the wheel turn at and with how much torque?
Will it do as well once under load from a generator under load as well?

36" dia wheel
28" wide
1.5" output shaft dia.


  1. Here are some photos of a mini-hydro.

  2. Very interesting Thomas. Im in the first stages of construction and testing for now. Id like to one day build a small shelter for whatever generator equipment I use. Water turbines are an interesting option.


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