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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My electric kiln works great!

I have used my electric kiln today for the first time. Everything went smoothly. About 8 hrs to make 2000'F. The clays have much more reds to them, save the one creek clay brick I fired. That one may need to go to a higher temp. My first experience with electric kilns. This one has a humm or buzz sound when the elements are being electrified. Guess thats normal. Pulls about 12 amps when one coil is on, 24 amps when they both are up and running at 240v AC.

Whats easy about this, comming from wood firing, no wood stoking!!!! Dont get me wrong, I like the connection with the earth and wood firing. But sometimes its nice to just plug it in and let it buzz for 8 hrs with less effort. Lets see how good I feel when I get my electric bill! lol

I am next gonna fire a bunch of clay tiles for a house project. I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Dear sir,
    My name is sumanta and I am from India. actually I want to start a clay bricks making factory but I dont like coal kiln or gas kiln for bricks drying. I am looking extra technic. Yes I want to dry my bricks by electrical kiln. minimum 1 lac bricks should be drying at the same time. is it possible

  2. Hello. Yes it is possible to dry and fire bricks in an electric kiln. How many do you wish to make? Cost of electricity is a factor.

  3. Dear sir,
    My name is roshan and I am from India. Can you tell me the round about cost of electric kiln to

  4. Hi Sir,
    I am interested in establishing a clay brick plant in India. Could you please let me know the cost for a electric brick kiln with a capacity of 5000 bricks per day. If possible please send me the detail at my email id : prasant_prs@yahoo.co.in


  5. Dear Sir,
    I am too willing to start a clay brick making factory, & would like to use your's this Technic, so will you please guide me, that how is it possible, what could be its capacity, & can you help me for that.
    thanking you
    Id; task.92@gmail.com

  6. dear sir
    i am from haryana (india). i want to start a clay brick making company in india. i an not interest to use gas and other thing.i wanted to use electricity.please tell me how much power are required for electric kiln capacity of 5000 bricks per day.please help me. my Emil is grimasharma2@gmail.com.

  7. Hello..Sir
    My name is Gaurav dixit
    i am from india...i want to learn learn how to make bricks from you...!
    thank you sir.


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