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Sunday, April 18, 2010

More clay tiles fired. Keeping away from reduction in wood firing.

I fired some more homemade clay tiles a few weeks ago in my wood kiln. Just hadn't gotten around to posting anything about it till this morning. Pretty uneventfull firing and results were ok.

As you can see the colors vary depending on where they were in the kiln and the paths the flames took. I was hoping for a bit more reds from the clay in the tiles. No salt glazing here. Looking more for a dark terra cotta red. The attempt was to keep away from strong reduction so as not to darken them and pull to much oxygen out of the iron oxides. It kinda worked, but I think it will require a trade in order to get more deep reds. By keeping reduction in the kiln down I also cripple some of my peak temperature by stoking less fuel. So in order to get enough 'heat work' done to the clay I must lengthen the firing time in the neutral and oxidizing enviroment I create inside the kiln.

You can compare the tiles to 'real' red brick directly behind them.


  1. It's nice to have your own kiln
    and be able to make your own tiles.

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